Site Update m02.017

Another month has gone by, winter has landed and we have been busy working on building more content for your Jeepin’ needs. Check out the update notes below and stay tuned for more updates over the course of the next couple of weeks.

Here are the latest release notes:

– Plugin updates
– Theme updates
– Sidebar updates
– Fixed Top Navigation menu to include link back to Home
– Completed CAPTCHA for Contact Page
– Installed Shop interface for future product availability
– Quicker weather interface
– Page navigation fixes
– Minor bug fixes and user interface updates

Graphical Updates:
– New Jeep Toy Aficionados placeholder image
– New Social Media Icons to fit with sidebar
– Minimalistic weather graphics (for speed)

Page Completion:
– Completed F.A.Q. Page
– Completed History Page
– Completed About Page
– Completed Our Philosophy Page
– Social Media integration for sidebars when available
– Increased frequency of posts to The Dirt (Social Media)
– Added more videos to the Media section

Future Updates (coming soon):
– Completed main Gearheadz page
– Completed main Media page
– 1st phase of shop: decals and apparel
– Start Jeep Toy Aficionados page (blog, links, documents and articles)